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The Edurob Pedagogic Framework document outlines the framework in which the other educational outcomes of the project should be employed. It details advice based on findings from the research and the literature on educational, organisational, social and technological barriers and how they should be overcome. This pedagogy then advises on the methodology to select appropriate learning scenarios from the Edurob curriculum and to tailor them to work for a specific student in a specific scenario in order to achieve a specific learning objective.



Learning with Robotics Curriculum and Learning Scenarios (download)



Guide for trainers on the practical use of the materials including technical setup and hardware and software usage for both robots (download)



We have developed apps to enable connection with and control of both Lego Mindstorms EV3 robots and NAO robots. For both robots the EDUROB team have also developed a set of interaction programs enabling teachers to run or adapt a set of example learning scenarios which can be uploaded on the robots and fired using the developed Android apps. For full details of the example learning scenarios developed check the EDUROB Curriculum document. Links to the source code for the apps are also provided in line with our open source policy for developers who would like to adapt the Edurob Android apps.


    - For Lego Mindstorms EV3

       - Download the Edurob EV3 controller app for Android (Play store link)

       - Source code (bitbucket)

       - Go to the EV3 brick program downloads page including video cases (here)

       - Quick Guide for usage (here)



    - For NAO

       - Download the Edurob NAO controller app for Android (Play store link)

       - Source code (bitbucket)

       - Go to the NAO Choregraphe program downloads page including video cases (here)

       - Quick Guide for usage (here)





- Survey  questionnaire (completed)

- Students with learning disabilities requirements report (pdf)

This report aimed to describe the learning requirements of students with learning disabilities in the six different European countries, and to describe how these requirements are currently being addressed. The other core aim was to find the preferred teaching strategies of contemporary educators working with students with learning disabilities as well as their use of ICT technology tools in their teaching practice.

- Technical Requirements Report (pdf)

This report aimed to describe the engagement of ICT technology tools in the process of developmental stimulation and teaching students with special needs and assessment of teacher attitudes towards the use of robotics technology and whether they believe it can provide a significant impact on students’ learning achievements.

- Pedagogy Requirements based on Educators’ Interview (pdf)

The second phase of research consisted of thematic analysis of interviews with stakeholders in each country in order to set out specific pedagogy requirements. The report presents the findings from partner countries from the thematic interviews and focus groups exploring the potential use of robotics within current teaching practice.

- Learning with robotics cases’ analysis - Initial analysis of the pilots across the consortium -  Full report (pdf) – Executive Summary (pdf)

 This report details the findings from the extensive piloting phase of the developed pedagogy, curriculum and tools in the stakeholder sites in the six countries.





- Dissemination strategy (pdf)

- Flyer for final Stakeholder Events (pdf)

- National Dissemination Materials (EN, LT, BG, IT, PL)

- Project banner (pdf)

- Outcomes Banner (pdf)


The Edurob Curriculum, the handbook, the learning materials, the reports ,the piloting results, and the customised interfaces (apps) by

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